Tuesday, September 25, 2007

on newstands now : METRO.POP

what if it was the african kids that got their dress from the rude boys and danced at reggae and ska parties?
much research was done..
also shot by CLAYTON CUBITT

i used the skinhead book by nick knight as a reference..
many small details are historically correct...
like what buttons are buttoned, what brands were worn, etc..
i included some african accents to reflect the national pride that the original skinheads had.
skinheads didn't get a bad ( racist ) reputation until the early 80's.


katie said...

What a concept~ I love how it comes together!! Amazing, great job!

Anonymous said...

grea job

Otto Yamamoto said...

You know, less the African accents(a damn fine touch), you'd be hard to tell these kids from any of the black Skins that I've met. They're always the sharpest of the sharp and pay great attention to the details of the style. As a Skinhead myself(I'm not quite so trad), I appreciated this homage. You really got it right.

Divine Hobo said...

These are gorgeous.