Tuesday, September 25, 2007

on newstands now : METRO.POP

what if it was the african kids that got their dress from the rude boys and danced at reggae and ska parties?
much research was done..
also shot by CLAYTON CUBITT

i used the skinhead book by nick knight as a reference..
many small details are historically correct...
like what buttons are buttoned, what brands were worn, etc..
i included some african accents to reflect the national pride that the original skinheads had.
skinheads didn't get a bad ( racist ) reputation until the early 80's.

october issue of EBONY magazine

these images were shot by my genius friend siege aka CLAYTON CUBITT.... make-up by the sexy KT
hair by zianni coats
set design by michael sturgeon

there is tons to talk about this shoot.. will re-post when i get more time..

hope you enjoy


i styled this video a few weeks ago in LA. it was a blast working on this. we spent a week in LA at the REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE. alicia has a personal stylist she uses to dress her for personal apperances. his name is wouri vice. i'm so glad we get along SO well.. he has been such a great help in letting me know her likes and dis-likes. and is just so much fun to be around. i was the fashion editor of a cover shoot for EBONY magazine with alicia that wouri worked on. that should be out in a few weeks. a few days later, i styled her for the cover of UPTOWN magazine. that was the day that alicia and wouri decided i should go to LA and style the video. THANKS wouri


welcome to my blog!
i will use this as a vehicle to show everyone my life at work or my work as my life. i will show the good, the bad, and the ugly.
well this is a fashion blog so maybe not the ugly.. but i guess that is a matter of opinion.
i will try to attempt to share as much behind the scene action as i can. even letting my assistants write about working with me ( non-censored ) but of coarse me justifying my side...hehe

and i'm sure this will be plasted everywhere but take a few minutes to view my website : www.renegarza.net