Saturday, August 30, 2008


exactly three years ago huricane katrina destroyed new orleans.
this portrait was taken a few days after it hit.
the photographer is clayton cubitt
when i arrived to the studio i was furious because i let a friend cut my hair and i didn't like it. ( she didn't follow my instructions)
after being there 10 or 15 minutes and starting to do my own hair and being wrapped up in my own self absorbed state. i started to notice a strange feeling in the air.
clayton had not heard from his mom or his brother in days. in seconds everything that i was worried about in my life ( not just my hair ) suddenly seemed trivial. in what is likely to be the darkest days in his life he took time to take my picture. besides being one of my favorite pictures of me. it has so much sentimental value.
for some amazing picture of the aftermath and the story of his mom and others go here


shelli said...

Very cool Rene! You followed your dream and more than achieved! I'm thankful I found I have a more accurate picture of you!

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marc sifuentes said...

So three years later and you still bring the Kartina disaster back to be all about you and your picture. What a self absorbing asshole.